" He was a big bruiser with hands like cinder blocks and a face like a kicked can. He looked like he was born to take a pounding and I was determined to give him every opportunity to fufill his destiny "











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Janessa tossed her hair back and laughed. 'You would'nt be popular with liberated women," she laughed.


I took a sip of my Jim Beam,"Who cares? Those women are not my kind of women. Somewhere along the line this country was sold a bill of goods. Suddenly a women wasn't valuable being a women. No, she had to be judged on how much she could be more like a man. And that's the stupid part. It's a contradiction. A women not valued unless she is more like a man?Cant you see the paradox,the contradiction? Women were always as valuable as men and they in fact are more valuable. For Gods sake they can have babys. They can create life. No man born of women can do that. But these libbers convinced them that unless they had biceps or a wallet as big as a man they were worthless. Total bull shit. I don't want a women that can beat me at arm wrestling. I want one that makes me weak when she puts her cheek against mine.I want one that makes me defenseless from a simple look or smile. From the scent of her skin. Thats a women. A real women. The type real men could never live without. The kind I want to open doors for,,pay for, fight and die for. The kind of women that makes me a man. If you cant see the value in that lady it's to late for you."

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